My first attempt at Kalighat painting
(A4, Poster color , white Acrylic)

I followed the “Kalighat painting live workshop day 1” by Art Thrills Studio on Youtube.

Color is always my biggest fear in art. I don’t have proper training on it and I didn’t spend much time learning it. I was just too scared to do it. (I know! So silly!) Every time I want to put color in my drawing, my demon inside will tell me not to, because I will ruin everything and I will fail miserably. But it’s time to stop this nonsense. If I don’t start doing it, I will never get better. So here I am, facing my own weaknesses!

There are soooo many negative things I can say of this attempt, but I’m gonna keep that down this time. My goal is to keep doing it, so I am trying not to beat myself up as usual. The concept of this style(bold color block, thick outline, overlaying white) is quite similar to my style(if I have one at all). I think it turns out okay for the first time.

Looking forward to the next attempt with different media!


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