Pichwai painting of Kamal Talay(the lotus pond)
A4, Gouache
Painting 1 of 3 of Jayesh Sharma’s Pichwai masterclass from Memeraki.

Pichwai paintings(made on cotton fabrics) are hung on the walls behind the idols of God Krishna. The lotus pond painting is usually hung behind the idols in the monsoon season.

There are so much to learn from this painting. I made so many mistakes in this one. Gouache is a lot harder to control, especially the “light colors dry darker, dark colors dry lighter” thing. The painting at one time look miserable because the lotus pink I have mixed dry so dark. I just want to give up. But luckily I didn’t! Since Gouache can be reactivated with water, so I managed to pick up most of the dark color and tried again.

As tutorials mentioned, the first painting is to learn all the basic techniques. It’s ok to make mistakes. I have spent much more time then I estimated. I hope I won’t make those same mistakes again. I think it turns out ok to look at. If you look at it from 2 meters away, it looks even better!


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