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Emacs customization

Posted on Apr 30, 2012 by Chung-hong Chan

Yeah, I know Emacs sucks. But I like it.

I like this GNU Emacs for Mac OS X more than Aquamacs. I hate the OSX-ized experience of Aquamacs and I dumped it this morning.
In order to make Emacs works for me, I have to (heavily) customize it. My ~/.emacs grew to 41 lines and still counting.
List of customizations:

  1. Latest version of org-mode from package.el
  2. org2blog
  3. xmlrpc.el
  4. Turn off truncation of long lines for org-mode
  5. Octave-mode instead of Matlab mode
  6. Python-mode instead of python.el
  7. ESS - Emacs Speaks Statistics
  8. Color-theme, my favorite theme is clarity
  9. Default font to Monaco 18
  10. No blinking cursor
  11. Paren-mode to 1
  12. Not strictly Emacs customization - remapping the useless Caps-lock key on my MacBook keyboard to Ctrl. So that I can C-x C-f without moving my fingers away from the home row.


  1. deft
  2. git-mode
  3. Practicing touch typing

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