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Building the Crappyverse #2: cnchar()

Previously: ccat()

Building the Crappyverse #1: ccat()

Instead of my usual style of explaining the purpose of this blog post, I want to go directly into code.

Don't use paste() to handle JSON

A quick note documenting how I went insane working with JSON and what should be the correct way to fix the problem.

On i3(WM)

This is a relatively quick one, again on the topic of tiling window managers.

On Sway(WM)

In order to understand the context of this blog post, I recommend reading the previous blog on StumpWM, AwesomeWM, and xmonad. But a quick summary is that I need a window manager that can only do two things: (1) can use strange emacs-style key com...

readODS 1.8 is released and a hard lesson learned

readODS 1.8 is released actually in January on CRAN 1. It is the first release under the rOpenSci moniker. Last time I wrote about the release of readODS 1.7 was in July, 2020. And man, that’s long time ago. That’s like “a pandemic and a war” ago....

On the replaceability of my job by AI

A genuine DKNY handbag in a discounter TK Maxx store, which I still don't buy

On StumpWM, AwesomeWM, and xmonad

First of all, what I wanted to say is that I am actually a pretty bad software user. I am a software developer myself too. I hate users like me.

On the idea of executable research compendium

Source: Make Open Science Fun & Easy!

Tom's Diner, rang, Bioconductor for nonbioinformaticians, or my preconceptions about dependencies are wrong

Act I: Tom’s Diner

The oldest R version one can still run today

Update: 2023-02-01 2023-02-02

Rust is fast, but how fast (vs R)?

I am currently “learning Rust” 1. Like I have written in a previous post, I originally embarked on a hypothetical adventure of “learning Rust” for the sake of learning Rust. I am reading Rust Programming Language. A good book, but I am bored after...

OKR #8

Previously on this blog: my objectives / adjustment; actual OKR #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7.

Towards descriptive branch names with git

TL;DR: Starting from 2023, I will not use the default branch name “master” or whatever “m”-based alternatives (“main” or whatever).

Projekt 71

The package author (singular) tried very hard to write some C++ to achieve extremely little

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