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Statisticians are humorous people

Posted on Dec 18, 2008 by Chung-hong Chan

統計學人士通常都非常之有幽默感。但不是每本統計書都會展現統計學人的幽默感,寫文章時又會回到硬幫幫的學者形像。以下是少數在寫書時仍不忘幽默的統計學家,他叫 Stephen Senn 。以下是他的書本的 glossary 。

Biostatistician. One who has neither the intellect for mathematics nor the commitment for medicine but likes to dabble in both.

Statistics. 1) A subject which most statisticians find difficult but which many physicians find easy. 2) A sort of elementary form of mathematics which consists of adding things together and occasionally squaring them.

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