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I have a dream

Posted on Nov 16, 2008 by Chung-hong Chan

I have a dream to write a scientific paper with statistical analysis but have no p-value.

I attempted once in other research. But the physicians said they can understand better to have a p-value attached. I will try this in my MSc thesis. It can be interesting and challenging.


The value of a p-valueless paper.

周日有點 Blue ,播首近期常播的歌曲。

Without You (Extended Version) - Madison

其本上是一首 Eurobeat ,可以跳 Para Para 那種。(但我不會跳,會跳的請教我。)但我覺得 Intro 那有層次的 Synth 很好聽, Madison 的典形哀傷系 Euro 歌姬聲很好聽。整首歌都充滿 90s 色彩。

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