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Jean-Louis Gassee

Posted on Oct 27, 2004 by Chung-hong Chan

If old iPod better than the new?
I started to hate those little gadgets with a little LCD screen. Would a moncrome screen a little bit better?
Talking about iPod, Mobile Phone, or even GameBoy, I still think that they are more innovative and funnier when they only got a monocrome screen.
When they got a LCD screen, the MP3 player will show photo; The mobile Phone will play games; the game console will receive calls.
Their roles are intercepted. However, they will not cancel each other out. So, you may need to buy them all for the similar functions.
Remember an old, ex-, infamous guy in Apple (oh, he was a Apple man in beige age) said:
"Many people have said that the home computer will be the death of camaraderie at the office... Following that argument to its logical conclusion, you might just as well say that masturbation should take the market away from sex."
This guy is cool! But nearly everybody forgot his role in Apple.

08:37 - Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2004

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