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damn me, ok?

Posted on Apr 14, 2004 by Chung-hong Chan

I phoned apple for that damn AV cable(advertise to be usable in iBook) yesterday.

They wasted me 45 minutes to transfer me from Apple Technical support, to Applestore, then to Apple Technical support. Then, they required more additional information. (Serial number of my iBook)

I supply them the information they required today. Then, they wasted me another 30 mintues for routing me from the technical support to Applestore and to technical support. (again!)

I make my purchase in 2-4. They promised me to deliver in 2-3 days. They delivered it after 5 days of purchase, 2 days later then the proposed delivery date. I got the cable and find it not usable. They said they can only replace it within 6 days of purchase. I argued them for late delivery and the Apple Technical support were not reachable by phone in the public holiday, neither the Apple store. (12 days - 4 days of holiday - 5 days of late delivery = 3 days for me to response, and 2 days have been wasted by their technical support) Finally, they still can't make the decision if the cable can be replaced. I have to waste another few days to wait for the snail-like response from them. What if their loyal customer need their product urgently replace for nuclear testing or anti-missile system? This unacceptable slow and government-like PR/CS service may render a country into dust.

As Kelly said, Apple Hong Kong should be the crappiest Apple branch around the World. They even can't be compare with Taiwanese, Chinese or Singaporean branches. Not to mention the biggest Japanese branches.

做事態度極為官僚保守。香港市場對蘋果產品不了解,教育市場被dell, HP甚至不甚出名的Packard Bell完整佔有,以至蘋果電腦軟件中文支援極不理想,除了歸咎於泛中國人市場不夠大,也應歸咎於香港的蘋果總部辦事不力。

我也很想當自己倒楣,自己出去再買一個Video Adaptor Kit就算,當浪費了一百五十元。但我的確窮困,窮困就要忍受他們不好的服務。在這裡說說只是想消消氣。


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13:45 - Wednesday, Apr. 14, 2004

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