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Posted on Mar 17, 2004 by Chung-hong Chan

After the "school of rock", some of our diaryland alliance members pickup their weapons against the man again. I know I have no natural talent in playing music, but I really wanna pick up my bass again. However, I haven't pick it up yet. I don't wanna be a big mouth and do nothing again. I need to have a plan this time.

It is quite difficult for a kid to dipped into music by teach them Bach or Mozart. I think, the last time I can't learn anything from the bass teacher is, he talk too much about something I really don't understand/interested in, like jazz, disco or pop. Then, he teach some complex thing in the 2nd lecture like, if you want to play jazz, you need to know thumb snapping or something really hard for a newbie. Yeah! I am dumb as the other classmates manage them quite easily.

I followed what Mr S. teach us: play something you like. Maybe "Smoke on the water" for the god sake.

I read some bass tabulatures of Nirvana over the internet. I found that pretty lot of their songs can be played by only 2 strings (A & E) on the fretboard. That's maybe a easy start for the dumb like me as I listen to nirvana all day long. Maybe I speed down them from one hundred something beat per second to fifty so that I can follow.

I think I should practise with them myself before I attend another classes of bass for technique and theory. The first song I wanna play is DIVE. Very garage, very raw. I dick love this song! DIVE IN ME!

13:41 - Wednesday, Mar. 17, 2004

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