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Posted on Mar 16, 2004 by Chung-hong Chan

I wrote up quite a number of articles.

Some located in my workplace notebook, some in iBook, some in eMac. Even some in the already sold powerbook G3.

You know, the more you talk, the more problem you will created. You know, reading other's view point and contradict to yours can be a nuissance. This activity have been coined as "Idealogical Violence". This one is more problematic in my essay as I think by my ass and I like to write something about gender, brief or racism.

I know why Aphex Twin said publishing/sharing his own music is painful.

I am not a famous writer. People will not give out a few bucks to buy my book and worship(instead of reason/accept) my viewpoint.

This is a free place. I take this as a leisure thing, I don't earn money for this. I don't wanna render this place into a battlefield. The same concept as, you don't take guns or explosives to the park to play.

Here are some of the censored articles and the abstract.


早晨上班,在西鐵/地鐵車站,一定會感覺到一種物理學現像。就是連綿不絕高根鞋裡的硬木,以f=ma的力度撞擊5.9742 x 1024公斤那麼重的地球,那些撞擊之力被地球吸收,加上與地面的磨擦,轉化為聲能及熱能。在走上鋼鐵做的電梯,聲音更響,可達「嘓嘓」之音。


Right now, thanks to the good security of Windows system, the power of VBscript and Microsoft Office Marco scripting capability, e-mail become a poorly design and aging mean of electronic communication.

Text only e-mail is OK actually. (except the problem of spam) When one thing become very complex (eg. HTML formatting e-mail, e-card, e-mail attachment), it will become problematic.

Non scientific way to resolve the difference between 2 sex.

The pair, should compose of one X chromosome from your mother and one X or Y chromosome from your father. Therefore, statistically, the chance of having a boy or girl fertilized egg is fifty-fifty.




13:34 - Tuesday, Mar. 16, 2004

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