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A story of a punching bag

Posted on Feb 28, 2004 by Chung-hong Chan

Here is a story of a public punching bag:

I got a lot of fire from the other. Since I cannot find the optimal way or the algorithm to work out the solution you want or I cannot assist you to work out such a perfectionist-graded answer. I know I make decision based on the fact(maybe the mechanic of pendulum) but not the emotional state of the other. It may hurt the other's climate, but I am keep trying to minimize the hurt. The other hurt me intentionally by doing something agitative, that's traumatic. Maybe be I deserve it, I don't know. However, it is really painful to be such a public punching bag. The fist of the professional boxers is too strong. The boxer's maybe too sad, I can make you happy by swirling left and right. But it is not really need to make me upset and heartbreak by punch me till dead.

My brain nearly turn to mash by your unforgiven strong punch. That's maybe the reason why I can't detect a pinful of pain anymore.

13:22 - Saturday, Feb. 28, 2004

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