It is really strange for me to write in English, you know, my English suck. But for the sake of time, it is essential.

The media coverage of the researches/publications appears in Newspaper and TV today. Fruit daily/Ming Pao even put them in on the front pages.

As you can see from the newspaper, they are three researches/publications related to our dept covered in Newspaper today. One is the epidemiological study of sleep disorder breathing/Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndome (OSAS), the other is the case report of Paracetamol overdose and the rest is a review article of obesity and OSAS. Not all newspaper covered 3 of them.

I watched Lost in Translation with the aillance members of dairyland. Maybe I am not midyear or just graduate, I found this movie quite boring. What I want to comment is the softdrink I drunk during the movie, that pepsi twist. The taste is quite strange if it is no longer cool.

Well, for the xMxcxuxu affair, I am too lazy and busy to read their posts anymore. It is really Albert Tam damaging their forum, or... ?

19:55 - Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2004