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Posted on Nov 9, 2003 by Chung-hong Chan

It have been 40 days.

I haven't back to my real home in Yuen Long for 40 days, bloody forty days.

I really wanna escape from the current place and back to there. The feeling of living in this place is too fragile and anger-filled.

Every time when I feel down, I recognized the sweet and warm feeling my family bring me. Everything are started by a wrong decision. All of them, are started by a core problem. You know, there is a croc next to my home. Also, there is a fatal JE (Japanese encephallitis) case in the Fairview Park, the big villa next to my home village.

All of them happened in that fucking 40 days. Tai Sang Wai will forever be my home. No matter what happen. Yeah, I am too naive and close-minded. I don't have any international mind or business mind. I am just a simple villager. I hate the so-called open-minded people. fuck them.

Don't apply your thinking as the basis to blame me for anything.

You can't blame a farmer to choose farming as his career.

20:51 - Sunday, Nov. 09, 2003

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