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Posted on Nov 3, 2003 by Chung-hong Chan

I think some of you should read the news about a ex-microsoft temp employee was fired by Microsoft because he post a photo of a bunch of G5 Power Mac delivered to Redmond office in his blog.

I am so pissed off with the illogical opinions in imacguru. Yeah, Microsoft is the evil empire, she earn a lot yearly and produce buggy softwares for quick money. Hey! Mac Users, you should be grateful that you haven't suffer much from Microsoft. The opinion in iMacguru is solely based on the cultural war of Mac users and Microsoft, but not the fact.

No matter you work in DOD in Pentagon, Kwong Wah Hospital, Apple computer or even a small furniture company, if you do the similar things like that ex-microsoft staff, you may probably get fired. Without any official permission, it is not ethical to expose or reproduce any sensitive information of your employer to the public. Sensitive information including R&D information, prototype of products or even financial report. That should be listed clearly in the employment contract.

Some company may give the employee a chance, but some don't. The company that don't give their employee a chance is ethical, since they need to assure their company policy.

Anyway, I think the impulsive opinions in iMacguru is very navie and impractically. One may consider those opinion as noise. Just like the PRC government consider my site as "explicit content" and filtered my blog from the Chinese Netizens.

17:23 - Monday, Nov. 03, 2003

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