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Posted on Oct 9, 2003 by Chung-hong Chan

Today is the 9xth anniversary of KWH, so that a free buffet lunch is provided by Mr Luk, my big big big boss. This is the 1st time I saw him. A young and talkative guys. He can randomly talk with a nurse, a MO even a security officer. What a good boss, I supposed.

The quality of Buffet is quite good, the same as the buffet provided by Karaoke box. The fried rice and vegetable is good, so I ate 2 plates of them and drink a cup of orange juice than go. I go away very early simply because I feel the venue is quite noisy. You know, I am the a guy who antisocial to pretend to be cool. What a stupid guy I am.

KWH is a good employer after-all. The only cruel guy is the system of hospital in Hong Kong. I am not ranting about HA right here again, I just copy what Mr. Lo Wing Lok said tonight in the TV show about the SARS report.

(This is another role model of a Hong Kong Blog article since it talk about trivial things and the things that you don't really interested in. What you really want from a blog article?)

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