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Stop Ranting, Start Folding

Posted on Oct 8, 2003 by Chung-hong Chan

I like the concept of Network Distribution. No matter distributed computing project like SETI@HOME or Distributed Human project like Mindpixel. Both of them are talking about recycling. Making use of what you wasted unconsciously to help the research. The fun fact behind the concept of Network Distribution is, a lot of power is wasted, no matter your computer CPU cycle or the potential of your brian cell.

Mindpixel is great, at least, the concept is de novo. I sucessfully teach the AI a lot of trivial things.

For distributed computing, I think I am not the kind of the X files maniacs, so I stopped running SETI@home for long time.

Now, I am helping the research in Protein folding by contributing some processor power to a project called Distributed Folding.

Well, I nearly forget all the concept of protein folding. At least, I forget what the hell angstrom RMS value is. RMS = Root mean square? I am not sure, and I don't want to do a internet research about it since it is not my field of interest. Some of my classmate are doing the similar thing in the campus, but they use actual amino acid residues to "synthesize" a protein folding.

Can computer model subsitude the real experiment? I don't know. Maybe Distributed Folding is a challenge to force bioinformatics & model simulation to be valid.

After all, I am not a graduate in applied biology with biotechnology(self-claimed). I just don't want to waste the power of my lovely eMac so I run distributed folding on the background. You know, maximize the output from the input. That's what the spirit of a dataminer.

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(I think this is a role model of a blog article? At least, you don't know what RMS is. A blog article should contain some words that your don't understand.)

04:39 - Thursday, Oct. 09, 2003

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