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Posted on Oct 3, 2003 by Chung-hong Chan


Let it be - The Beatles (From the album: One)

Only Yesterday - Carpenters(From the album: Yesterday Once more)

莫再悲 - 林子祥 (from: Believe)

Yesterday - The beatles(From the album: One)

總有你鼓勵 - 倫永亮 李國祥(From the album: Believe)

Skym - Underworld(From the album: Beaucoup fish)

留住我吧 - 太極(From the album:華納太極精選)

Silenec is easy - Starsailor(From the album:silence is easy)

認錯 - 優客李林(From the album:昨日今日永遠)

optimistic - Radiohead(From the album:Kid A)

滾滾紅塵 - 朱樺(From the album:朱樺專輯)

30 Minutes (Dub Mix) - t.A.T.u.(From the album:200 km/h in the wrong Lane)

痴情意外 - 陳慧嫻(From the album:寶麗金88極品音色系列)

Sunday (The day Before My Birthday) - Moby(From the album:18)

禁色 - 達明一派(From the album:特殊關係精選)

Hey Jude - The Beatles(From the album:One)

海闊天空 - Beyond(From the album:黃家駒不死音樂精神)

Peple in the city - Air(From the album:10000 Hz Legends)

Do you love me? - Reo(From the album: Beat Mania 4 Soundtrack)


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