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save me

Posted on Jul 25, 2003 by Chung-hong Chan

Not to be served, but serve.

Not to be saved, but save.

My mom also expected someone to be a server and saver of her, but I don't.

My dad also expected someone to be a server and saver, but I don't.

They served and saved me for more than 20 years.

Soon after I read themessage that the author of "The joy of Tech!" left to us, I feel guilty myself.





I know most of you don't realise what I am talking abut, I am sorry. I am quite depressed right now. I want something to balance my feeling.

I am sorry that, I know if I write something shit like this will make Tiney unhappy. But I need some kind of exit. Please forgive me if I make you unhappy, my dear.

PS. I broken my knee. Really painful for one night and a day. Who da hell save me?

08:16 - Friday, Jul. 25, 2003

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