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I write too much today.

Posted on Feb 25, 2003 by Chung-hong Chan

Finally, I got a usable Linux installed in my own removable Harddisk in PC.

I use a Floppy to perform a Network installation. Thanks to HK Bapist University to provide such a high speed mirror site. I make the Linux installed for 2 hours (2000M of data).

Guess what distribution of Linux I stalled?

Debian? Mandrake? Slackware?

Finally, I installed RedHat. It is because it is easy to install. I need to make myself used to Linux again. So, I took Red Hat this time.

But, I promise to myself, I must install Debian in the future and I hope I can have more time to spend on the x86 PC with the damn Red Hat Linux Installed.

I configured it to run httpd(http daemon, Apache) soon after I make the hat red in the Pentium III box.

Finally, I find myself crazy. I feel myself uncomfortable with GUI... Maybe, it is due to the difference between a Server os of choice(Unix) and Desktop OS of choice(MacOS).

03:02 - Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2003

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