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Posted on Dec 12, 2002 by Chung-hong Chan

I feel quite hard to get myself adapted do the new system. Gee! Especially the Chinese input method, a nightmare.

So, at the mean time, i won't write my diary in Chinese till I get myself adapted to the Chinese input method. However, comparing my poor Chinese and rubbish English, poor chinese is definitely a better choice. I have wrote a E-mail to Apple to complain for that. Maybe a petition later... just kidding.

I hate to write in English, I think I have say this kind of things so many time in this diary. Anyway, I hate English, especially the English from my hands and my mouth.

I hate somebody add a useless English Phrase in a cantonese conversion. For example, I always hear some woman said "give me my bag" with the word "bag" only in English. It is really disgusting. (according o the result from the dictionary of sherlock 3 - Disgusting means "Profound aversion or repugnance excited by something offensive." The explanation of the word even harder than the word itself.) why not say the whole sentence in Cantonese? At least, it can make my ear feel better.

Nothing happen to me, just always sob at night. In fact, I am a kind of "tear bag", I am a kind of person full of emotional stress as well maybe. But I always drink the tear myself. But sometimes, it is really a sorrow for me to live. So, I weeped alone at night. I cried for no reason, really strange.

I haven't take any examination till now. it will begin next monday till 23-12. I find that I have not enough time to prepare for it. So, I hope the exam paper will save me, but not the god.

The life is really fuck these day. I feel hopeless and emptiness.

After the exam, the life will even more fuck.

I need to do experiment at afternoon and work overnight.

Oh! yes! I am planning to go to 7 eleven(or something like that) to work overnight.

Money is everything.

21:49 - Thursday, Dec. 12, 2002

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