• These day, one one word I can say: Sleepless.Everynight go to bed at the dawn for 4 days, just like a Hot Vampire.

    I need to do some homework and computer works. Moreover, I need to back home to cook the supper and be with my GF to satisfy her need.

    Who care about my satisfaction? Is that I really wanna sleep that late? Not enitrely, I think. I am very tired after the lunch and I wanna have a nap right now. The pressure built up from the wording of people say.

  • Installation of Linux PPC in my powerbook is PAINFUL. In most case, the problem arised from my wore out DVD rom in my powerbook. The DVD rom can't read the data from the CD-R disk of the Linux I burned in PC. Thus, I/O problem occurred. I tried Debian, yellowdog and Mandrake in my powerbook for 3 pretty nights and I can't even make one of them install. I even cannont install Mac OSX though this DVD ROM Drive. I think I need to buy a new slim DVD drive/CDROM drive for my powerbook. A wireless LAN card may be happy as well. However, a good pool of fortune is required either.

12:25 - Thursday, Sept. 26, 2002