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Dipolar disorder

Posted on Sep 26, 2002 by Chung-hong Chan

Coz I wanna sleep eariler tonight, so I write in crap shit English again. Even I hate to do it.

Today, I can say, combination of bad luck and good luck, maybe.

Bad Luck: The plantation I planted for my Final Year Project... I am greatly disppointed. Somebody stolen one pot of tree from my own garden in the campus. You know, this is a experiment, I need to make this pot of tree again. The tree have been plant for one month, so the newly planted pot need to delay for one month as well. So my FYP will end one month later than I expected, just because of one pot of tree. If I know who the hell stolen my pot, I will definitely burn this guy's skin and put some caustic soda onto the wound!

Next, I am totally sleepless and tired. After the lecture, I go back home by Bus. I waited a long side the bus stop for solid 45 minutes to catch up a bus! After I entered the bus, the people already like the fishes in the sardine can. So, I stand there still. Totally, I standed for 2 hours. It is a little bit harsh I think. Maybe I am not tough enough.

The mdeical Doctor of my sister said, the data from EMS show that the progress is good, that means the nerve is recovering and no further brain or nerve damage found. However, the common flu virus level in her blood is increasing (The flu virus have been destroy her brain tissue in the past) . It maybe the reason why her leg spasm all the day again. The DR. said it is a MUST to do a investigation by opening the head to take some tissue from the brain to verify the reason why it happen again.

Good Luck: The grant loan have been issued, finally. I got something like $20000. It is quite good for the social situation like this. The application of the grant loan growing harder and harder, very complicated. It is quite good that I can enjoy the result finally. Maybe, it is a good time to buy the eMac by instalment now. It is quite a lot of stuff to buy, but this one maybe the 1st priority to buy since I made the commitment with my GF far early. But I can't make it happen even now.

The powerbook have been restored. No Linux, No everything, just a plain machine with OS9. Installed Mozilla 1.1, since it seem more stable then 1.2a in my case. That's all for today, see you tmr, or, maybe see you in my dream.

21:49 - Thursday, Sept. 26, 2002

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