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Shit English

Posted on Sep 24, 2002 by Chung-hong Chan

I hate to speak in English, coz I speak shit English. But for the sake of fast coz I wanna sleep eariler, I need to type what I want to say today in English.

These day, I started to feel the pressure from my academic life in University. Also, the pressure from my friends, my family and my GF. I re-value the relationship between the work and time again. I hope I can manage the time effectively and do the thing I supposed to do or forced to do in stepwise. Yes, pressure management system is a important thing we need to implement in our mindset for the highly compressed lifestyle right now.

As I know from my study, the level of pain we can stand for is depend on the ability of our brain tissure to produce a chemical called endorhpin. Endorhpin is something similar to morphine which is used to be a pain suppression agent in ward. Our body will produce endorhpin to make us happier when we are cutted or wounded. If you body can't produce endorhpin, your life will be full of dreadful pain. Of course, every normal people don't love to be pain.

I think our life cycle and the system tend to make us painful rather than pleased. Let's produce more endorhpin in our body, or produce it as supposed to be.


03:05 - Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2002

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