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Original Sin

Posted on May 11, 2002 by Chung-hong Chan

Really tired... Like a lazy pig... But I haven't sleep for 2 nights, so I think it is really reasonable for me to be a *uckin' lazy pig (obviously, it is a excuse)...

Well, when I wake up this morning, I think today will be a shit day.

I find this day full of shit. People insult me, *uck me... I am just like a oddball.

When I go to school for examination, I am in a hurry. The queue for the bus is really long. When the bus come to the bus stop, some people who queue in front of me don't wanna enter the bus since they wanna stand in the bus for whole journey. I found that they stand in the queue and I am not mind to stand, so I come to the bus directly. Then, a uncivilized woman change her mind, she move and wanna enter the bus. Then she insult me loudly, she said I don't follow the rule of queuing. All the people in the bus looking at me and said that I am the rule breaker!

I always be some shittie bad luck guy like this, maybe my appearance is really like a coward shit so people like to attack me for no reason.

I can't blame her back, just say a simple to this woman "Mind what you said and what you have done really in the bus stop! And even I really break the rules of queuing, is it make any difference? You are still standing inside the bus and you will have no seat. That's the reason why you don't wanna enter the bus at first!"


People in the bus still think that I am a fucker... Then I am the really fucker then.

When I back to school, taking the examination of molecular biology. Quite Satisfied with my performance though. Since I have revise the pass paper like a water dog last night. It maybe the payoff. I know that even my examination is good, it make no differnce to the final grade, because I do fucking bad in the quiz and the Lab report.

Just, work it for the responsibilities...

After the examination, it is a sweetie moment with my girl friend.

Then we dance para para together with some firends.

I find that para para is really a bad thing for our relationship, everytime when we go the the dance party, I will make her unhappy.

My manner is not so good tonight, and I stepping on more then 10 cockroachs. (The biological name for this insect is called Blatta orientalis... But I think no body will interest in the name of this domestic pest except the hulk like me.) It made her feel bad and angry to me.

So bad I am, if I can control by month, don't be to cynical... And control my leg so that I won't kill the cockroaches... I think she won't angry to me.

Frankly, it is really a big shame for a man who fear cockroaches. How can they protect the girls? Huh?

The transition from sunny season to rainly season forced such kind of insects go out. In fact, I don't wanna kill so many LIFES in one night. But the boys and girls in the party really fear for the insect. And My friends KOMEKO and I are the only two who don't fear to such a bug. So...

Hope that I can repair the relationship soon.

Tommorrow will be the mother's day. My siblings said we need to buy a gift for mother. I said to them that I even don't got a buck in my pocket, all the money have been go to the internet service charge. So, even you buy one, tell mom that I haven't buy one for her. Really a shame bomb for me.

Even a bigger shame bomb: they organized a breakfast meeting in chinese resturant in the morning. But I am very tire right now and I have to prepare for the examination in the coming monday. So I have a great chance that I can't go.

My mother treat me good I know. Even I know it is very hypocritical to show my mom I love her by gift or breakfast meeting, but HYPOCRITICAL is better than NOTHING.

That's what I wanna say today. Good night. I hope everything will be alright next morning. Today is really fucking awfully bad.

01:24 - Sunday, May. 12, 2002

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