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Apple a day

Posted on May 10, 2002 by Chung-hong Chan

The data in my powerbook's (but lack power now!) HD is gone!

I spend one day in luxury for reinstall classic, Reintall X, Online update to OS 10.1.3, Download some cranky software...

The data gone included the records of e-mail, ICQ logs, some digital photos, some old homework files and some notes.

Not a tremendous lost, thanks to myself for backup the data regularly to the Firewire Hardisk.

My girlfiend wanna buy a Second Hand iMac. She said she wana use Mac because I always teach her Macintosh is good, just like a neuro toxin to poison her mind.

But my recommendation is: Since you have a Boyfriend who eat apple for more than 10 years, I think you better borrow his Mac to play. Evaluate if you like Mac operation style or if Mac suitable for you. Can Mac Satisfy your daily computer works? After evaluate those, it is not late to decide whether it is a good decision to buy a mac or not.

Most of the people in HK have a fixed image on Computer. They always find themselves got a wrong one simply because they find that the one they pick is not they are dreaming of. I discover a PC guy spent 17000 dollars to buy a New LCD iMac an iPod. But he sold all of them for $8000 after a week of purchase just becuase he find it is not suitable for him to use.

(Suddenly, I wanna open a carracho server, for the Macintosh friends right there to use... )

01:30 - Saturday, May. 11, 2002

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