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Wise Kid I am!

Posted on Mar 11, 2002 by Chung-hong Chan

To my lovely girlfriend:

I can pretending a PC to be a Mac and Check the E-mail a/c Mac.com! So that I can receive the thing you send me! I am really a smart kid!

So... Wait...

Have you depart the office?

17:20 - Monday, Mar. 11, 2002


Shame on me again...

A message to you again:


That's our meeting place! Around 6:00 to 6:15 I think it should be OK.

I think that you will arrive there on or somehow around 6:05. Right?

I hope that I can check that E-mail soon. But right there, no Macintosh.... So that I can't check the mac.com e-mail... I must figure out some way to check it on PC...

Really a shame...

17:22 - Monday, Mar. 11, 2002

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