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So Many Men

Posted on Feb 7, 2002 by Chung-hong Chan

So many work, so little time, what should I do?

I haven't update my diary for one day. Coz I have work Stuffed. My neck is recovering. Well, so far, so good.

I have designed the para para move of a Canton pop song called "Starlight" by Yennis Cheung. Maybe I will record the video later.

The radio is going great. Last night, with the help of a para para friend called Hayato to open a Mirror site of the radio, the number of audience listening to the radio simultanrously reached a double digit number.

Yeah! My English is suck, I know. Nut somebody ask me to write English music critique. Oh! My god.

21:47 - Thursday, Feb. 07, 2002

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