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Solid Gold

Posted on Dec 9, 2001 by Chung-hong Chan


Para Para Paradise 5單睇,未跳,已經學識了Stop, Looking for Love, Night Clubbin', Born to be your angel, Solid Gold, Made for Loving You, Kobra is my killer。


主題:Wire Wire Wire.chainsaw.mac.com

G4 Cube 400(Playing Para Para Paradise 5 VCD) with apple pro keyboard + Pro Mouse + pro speaker

Powerbook G3 400 Bronze Keyboard

Powerbook 520


Wacom Graphire

iMate + ADB Mouse

A unknown brand Smart media + Compact Flash Reader

Iomega Zip CD USB

Sharp VL-PD3A DV + Charger

Filand USB Hubs

And the Digital Camera I used to take this photo - Kodak DC 210 Plus

Wired up! Just like a nightmare!

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