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Crazy Generation

Posted on Nov 27, 2001 by Chung-hong Chan

2nd edit: 21:19

Hi! Everybody. This is chainsaw riot. yes youare right this is my 1st time to write my diary in English. It is because I am now using a DELL computer in Libraary of Polyu. I am not familiar with the chinese inputing environment of Windoze 2000. So I write English Instead.

Well, What I wanna say is how crazy the world and this generation is. I read the latest issue of POLYLIFE(A magazine published by POLYU Student association.) The central idea of all the articles in the magazine is Fire. The idea of Fire is similar to the one I memtioned few days before. Our generation is the one with the fire, but the fire to burn himself, bodily. Not the fire to burn the spirit, desire.

However, if you just consider the fire in the teens are destructive, it is unfair. Why the fire in the teens are destructive? Cos you guys destroy them 1st.

I am not a optimistic ppl. I hate to be happy. I need something for me to express my anger. But what is your view point to the way of my life? I always receive comment about it. I hate it! What the Fuck!

I drink alcohol, you blame me. (Hey! A little amount will not kill me, man!)

I play music, you said I producing Trash.(I love trash, if you don't like it, just walk way and wear on your fucking earphone.)

I go to party, you said I take esctasy.(Hey! Man, party going not = to esctasyer and Kitaminer. Why you don't allow me to go?)

I dance with Para Para, You said it is stupid. (Then what is the intelligent dance in your mind? Not to dance?)

I use Mac, you said it is waste money and isolated.

Hey! man, I don't like to karaoke, I don't like sport... Everybody have the right to choose! But I won't blame that you sing Karaoke and sport is stupid. Think about it, man.

I hate alcohol, I drink anti-alcohol.

I hate music, I play antimusic.

I hate party, I go antiparty.

I hate para para, I dance anti-para para then.

I hate mac, I use PC then.

you like Karaoke, I like karaoke.

You like sport, I like sport.

Is that what you want?






今日測完驗去了圖書館看電影,看第四次北非諜影(Casablanca),今次第一次看清一清的DVD版本(之前看的是影帶和LD,都不太清。)。堪富利保加煙不離口,但係都好型。英格蓮褒曼影單大頭時仍然用很多的Soft鏡,影到勁靚!as time goes by老土但仍然好好聽。我不太愛聽Jazz但聽電影中的音樂仍然舒服。其實現實中有沒有好似堪富利保加這樣成全個女人﹖

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