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Why Foleo is destined to die?

Posted on May 31, 2007 by Chung-hong Chan


Well, everything will ultimately die. But this thing will die very early.
A 10 inch crippled sub-notebook. Well, it have Wifi but not Sim card. Therefore, I need to take this machine together with a Treo. Similar to the ill-fated Nokia 770. Well, only Gabe will buy Nokia 770.
Palm want to fuck iPhone with this Foleo thing but still want to sell some Treo. It is not gonna work. For me, I will buy a single iPhone or even a blackberry if I want to do what the "Foleo+Treo" combo do. What are Palm thinking? Why not a wifi-enabled Treo? (They released a new Treo 755p but this thing is still not wifi-enabled.) You are not Microsoft! You don't have plenty of cash to take the M$'s trademarked Zune/XBox "money losing for marketshare" strategy!
From now on, I am not a Palm fans anymore.
Sorry. I love Palm OS but this Foleo thing put me off.

I rather buy an OLPC!

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