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This old man

Posted on Apr 26, 2007 by Chung-hong Chan


I believe one day, when someone discover I am the one writing insane article in this blog and post it to forum, people will investigate my background. They will conclude, like that Mac using Vista protestor, I am a failing nerdy piece of shite with no actual contribution. Well, I kinda accept this because I am actually nerdy and have no actual contribution like those forum people.
I enjoy watching Google Edu Video very much. Not only because they are educational, but also I can pretend I am a techosavvy guy (but I am not) by watching them. When I was watching a talk about Haiku OS, I discovered this guy.
Do you know who he is? Well, this old man ever said "We must always give our users pure sex. It's like a rendezvous in the back seat of an automobile with a beautiful girl. One's experience with the personal computer should be better than the greatest orgasm you could have." I don't know if this old man still can have any orgasm with Apple Macintosh anymore.
What he is saying in this video is still as interesting as before.

p.s. I would like to say, the weather today is the finest in 2007.
p.s. If you are working in the field of science, watch this.

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