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If you can only buy one wrestling DVD

Posted on Apr 4, 2007 by Chung-hong Chan


Buy this.
I know nearly nobody in HK have any positive impression on American wrestling. I know that wrestling is "fake". Fake in the sense that the match is scripted, but the action is real. Try to jump from 3M in the air and break a table, it hurts. So don't try this at home. But you can try it at hotel or maybe school. Just kidding.
In the nighties, there were three major wrestling promotions in America and they were WWF (now WWE), WCW (ATV's 周未摔角大狂熱 was a WCW program) and ECW (Eastern/Extreme Champion Wrestling). Vince McManhon from WWE desolved ECW and bought out WCW from AOL warner and he is somehow dominated the American wreslting program, at least on TV. Till, the recently introduced, TNA.
The most important resource from the buy out, should be Vince McManhon have the right to commercialize the video archives of ECW and WCW. This rise and fall of ECW DVD is a documentary about ECW and it is a product of the ECW video archive. This "fried rice" DVD is the most popular product from WWE.
I will not tell you the detail of the DVD because I know you will not interest in it at all. But I have one point to share. Paul Heyman, the owner of ECW, said WWF and WCW in 90s was like those hair bands. They are old, boring and sterotypical. When Paul Heyman fired by WCW and joined ECW, he said he want to make ECW "the nirvana of wrestling promotion". I was shocked by this comment.
Well, ECW turn out to be failed economically. The recent reincarnated "ECW on Sci Fi" by WWE is a piece of crap because this ECW is not booked by Paul Heyman. I remember Kelly and I always think about the question of "if Kurt Cobain is not dead, what will Nirvana be today?" I think "Nirvana" will failed miserably like the downfall of ECW.

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