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rmvb: issue with Real codec 10

Posted on Jan 29, 2007 by Chung-hong Chan

I don't like rmvb.
I know Linux user equally hate Quicktime/WMV, but I definitely hate rmvb.
Real is really great to release their patented, cutting edge RMVB codec as free binary which can be use in Linux/Mac OS X and even XBox to play back RMVB.
Well, it is ever to be cutting edge. The situation changed drastically after the Real Audio 10. Real Audio 10 is a recently introduced codec from Real. It is the latest generation of audio codec which included a compatible layer of AAC support, as well as 5.1 audio support.
Video files distributors in mainland China also opted this codec recently in their latest releases.
The problem: the binary of this codec is not yet released by Real. Therefore, people who are not using Real Player, i.e. MPlayer for Linux or XBMC, failed to play the audio track in these RMVB files. Moreover, freeware tools such as MENCODER also failed to decode the audio from these files.
Proprietary file formats are trouble in this regard.

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