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Posted on Dec 6, 2006 by Chung-hong Chan

I finally switched to this one, yum. Nobody from my work place know what it is. It is Xubuntu Linux. I switched to write R script to do statistical analysis under Linux. I used to run R interactively. Now, I know how to run it in script. It is very effective. One R Script can save a fucking load of time on point and click and keyboarding marathon for all day. I can have more time in stupid websurfing, blogging and procrastinating.
Most importantly, I don't need to share it with somebody else. * Because no one know how to run them. I am extremely narrow-minded. That's why I am a nightmare to work with. Great.

Well, another examples of Tsang's style blog which nobody know WTF I am talking 'bout.

p.s. Firefox for Linux is very smooth, the memory management of Linux is very good. I find no significant memory leak. A perfect machine for procrastination online.

* I will share my knowledge to all of you but not with my co-workers.

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