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Convert rmvb to iPod on an Intel Mac w/o Windows XP: Intro

Posted on Oct 14, 2006 by Chung-hong Chan

This is a geek challenge to convert rmvb to iPod compatible video on an Intel Mac.

1. iPod can only play either mp4 / h.264 with AAC audio codec.
2. FFMpegX, a Mac OS X tool for video conversion, fail to decode rmvb in Intel Mac (but work fine in PPC Mac) because Real don't release Intel binary.
3. Windows XP can do rmvb => iPod playable MP4 in one step.


1. I don't want to do it by installing Windows on either Parallels / Boot camp
2. I don't have access to Real Source code
3. I am a non-geek.
4. Virtually no native tool on Mac OS X (Intel) can work with RMVB
5. I have two PowerPC Macs myself, but they convert RMVB slowly.
6. RMVB is a close souced, very difficult to work with, but a quite mighty video codec.

Will post the walkthough, hopefully, tommorrow.

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