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TiddlyWiki vs text-files

Posted on Oct 7, 2006 by Chung-hong Chan

I am now evaluating TiddlyWiki as my reference system, as a replacement of my text-files stack.
For those not familiar with TiddlyWiki, it is a bizarre but mighty single HTML file which can work just like a Wiki. You can store this little HTML in a USB stick or your iPod and you got a Wiki-to-go. You may download yourself a copy of this HTML and try yourself. It is free.
The Pros and Cons of this TiddlyWiki are

1. Portability, you can edit TiddlyWiki with any POPULAR browser on Windows, Mac and Linux. It is just a HTML file.
2. Wiki-based organization system.

1. You can easily get lost this system. Partially because the UI and presentation is too messy. Not as classy as Media-wiki based system.
2. It supports POPULAR browsers for editing. Notable omissions included Safari, Opera and Shiira (My favorite browser right now). I have to use Camino in Mac OS X to edit it. (Firefox for Mac OS X is still a bloatware. I don't like it.)

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