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Posted on Aug 15, 2006 by Chung-hong Chan

I did the following thingies to improve the workflow of my highly obstructed and failing life. A "bicycle" to my life.

1. I finally installed a RSS reader in my home iMac. It (probably) save me a lot of time digging these blogs, checking for new torrent and looking for new gmail.
2. I can't afford another PDA so I print myself a PocketMod.
3. I picked up my Tetris DS again to improve the throw of neurotransmitters in my brain.
4. I am planning another refinancing to ease my life albeit the repaying period is a little bit longer. In Long run, I think it is better.


1. 小志強 from 足球小將
2. 天津飯 from DBZ
3. 紫龍 from 聖鬥士
4. 最重要最重要的角色,就是機動戰士高達內的布拉度艦長


1. 真吾 from 戰國魔神
2. 萬丈 from 泰坦3
3. 九能帶刀 from 亂馬 1/2

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