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internet shortage report

Posted on Jul 16, 2006 by Chung-hong Chan

You know what facility a bedroom scientist deadly needs?
That's Internet connection! Damn it! I am not using the internet for cyber dating some underaged innocent girls or downloading child pr0n off the net. I am using the internet to enable my scientific research which may benefit the mankind as a whole! Why those sexual offenders have stable and high speed internet connection to assist them to commit serious crime while a sparkling bedroom supernova in cutting edge medical research only deserved to have a crippled internet which even unable to download a 10K pdf from the journal's website? You see how unfair it is.
Today, a PCCW technician checked my home internet connection setup [again!] and he concluded that the signal from the telephone line is not stable. [again!] In addition, PCCW is installing some fibre-optic facilities in my villages which further jeopardize the stability of internet connection. No correction or at least temporary solution is provided by Mr Technician. He said a telephone line diagnostic test is scheduled. As usual, no ETA for such test is provided. One word, black-box.
If the Internet connection in my home "laboratory" remains status-quo, it can be a major hinderance to my research. I have a plan B: employing the strategy of Delicious Library and conducting my research in a Wifi enabled cafe or library of CUHK. However, there is no place like home, especially for those cancer boys.

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