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A tales of two routers

Posted on May 9, 2006 by Chung-hong Chan

I got two wireless routers. Router number one, located in Yuen Long, is called Linksys WRT54GC. The compact, non-linux based and relatively expensive cheapo wireless router. Router number two, located in Mong Kok after countless complaints of cable spaghetti and as a fall prevention device, is called Buffalo WYR-G54.
Both routers work flawlessly with Macs, Palm and even XBox. I never try any Windows PC as the PC around me is preservatively using Cat-5 cable. Anyway, they works, sort of, till the day when Nintendo DS sports some Wifi enabled games. Both routers failed to work with NDS eventhough US Nintendo website said they are supported. JAP Nintendo website, however, stated that WYR-G54 is not supported. They can pass the test connection but never okay to join any wifi game. The only way for me to play NDS online is setting my iBook as an ad-hoc wireless access point which is cumbersome. (The bottomline is, this "iRouter" is based on a PowerPC Unix) I really want to trade them and buy two WRT54GL instead.
I finally figure out why WRT54GC is not supported by default. It is because NDS required a router without any speed limit to each cilent, as per the web report. I know how to set the speed limit for this router but sadly, I am now in urban city now and hopefully I can go back to Yuen Long by Saturday. For that Buffalo WYR-G54, I have no idea how to fix it. This one really bug me so hard.

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