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Black and white

Posted on Apr 13, 2006 by Chung-hong Chan

  1. After finish up the readin of the book "The Cult of Mac", I daydream I can

    1. Resurrect my Mac Classic, my back and white mac. I owned two Black and write Macs, one is Mac Classic and another is Powerbook 520. (I bought them for 400 and 30 Hong Kong dollars respectively.) Both of them are still working, albeit the battery of Powerbook 150 is dead (only work with AC). I have no plan to resurrect the Powerbook 520 as it will be fucking hard. I should have a higher priority to resurrect the dim screen of my aging but still using eMac G4 700. I selected to resurrect the Classic, however, because it can be damn fun. In my dream, I resurrected my Classic with a mac mini core solo/core duo or a second hand powerpc mac mini and a 9 inches color LCD like this one. You know, real man don't simply buy some new computers. I want to do some real crafting.
  2. I have learnt the intonation, pronouncaition and pace of speech my female colleague used to communicate with the elders. I found the elderly women like this kind of voice.

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