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Posted on Mar 31, 2006 by Chung-hong Chan

  1. You guys and gals are damn right that I am the right person to install Mac OS X, Windows XP and Linux on a Mactel and tri-boot them.
    But sorry, I asked my newly purchased iMac CD for this and she refused to accept such a neurosurgery. Therefore, my machine is not a right machine to triboot. The conslusion is simple, NO triboot.
  2. I went to TST to have a french lunch with my ex-boss and a friendly senior medical officer (SMO). (She should be the prettiest 40 something lady I have ever seen) They offered me such a treat because I helped them to publish an article in a high impact journal. Guess who sit just next to our table during the lunch meeting? Stanley Ho! That fucking gaming tycoon Dr Stanley Ho! I am still wondering why he could lying for 7 years to support Tung's administration!

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