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Posted on Mar 17, 2006 by Chung-hong Chan

  1. The photos last sunday with Tiney and Miney is now showing in Tiney's Flickr.
    Tiney used an automatic photo retouch software and the resultant photos are only okayish. I have "hand-photoshoppped" only two photos. (I am busy with procrastinating) I may post them here.
    I have a long queue of photos yet to be photoshopped.
  2. I look like an idiot right now.
  3. When I am putting up an ad on MacGrass regarding recruitment, I have to think about the number of post required for each blogger, as a commitment. Numberous options popped up in my head: "three per day", "one per day", "four per week", "two per week" and finally, the entrance requirement become "one per week". I don't think it is a very tough requirement. So, if you like Mac and MacGrass, please join us.
  4. I watched "eight below" last night and the only line I remember is "sometimes you have to lower your expectation."

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