1. The photos last sunday with Tiney and Miney is now showing in Tiney's Flickr.
    Tiney used an automatic photo retouch software and the resultant photos are only okayish. I have "hand-photoshoppped" only two photos. (I am busy with procrastinating) I may post them here.
    I have a long queue of photos yet to be photoshopped.
  2. I look like an idiot right now.
  3. When I am putting up an ad on MacGrass regarding recruitment, I have to think about the number of post required for each blogger, as a commitment. Numberous options popped up in my head: "three per day", "one per day", "four per week", "two per week" and finally, the entrance requirement become "one per week". I don't think it is a very tough requirement. So, if you like Mac and MacGrass, please join us.
  4. I watched "eight below" last night and the only line I remember is "sometimes you have to lower your expectation."