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CapCapCap again

Posted on Mar 15, 2006 by Chung-hong Chan

  1. Well, somebody posted such a picture on AppleCare Forum. As you can see from the picture, you can clearly observe a leaking capacitor and a swelling capacitor on the eMac motherboard. Moreover, I discovered this. As you can see from the motherboard Abit VP6 which is famous for bad capacitor problem, they got exactly the same brand of "bootleg capacitors" as eMac /iMac G5. The capacitor with a shiny "X" on top. Remember, the original Japnese capacitors (produced by Sanyo, to be exact) should have a shiny "K" instead of "X". You may open up your electronic equipments and seek for the "X" capacitors. If you find these "X" caps in your Plasma or Videocamcorder, you should keep your fingers crossed.
    Eventhough you may find this topic a little bit boring, I will continue to cover such a story here, instead of MacGrass. It is because conspiracists may consider I am using MacGrass as a big brother manipulated medium to bitch Apple and to solve a personal problem. That MG TV Videopodcast is the last one.
    Consider the fact that a large number of eMacs had been purchased by universities and high schools worldwide and many of these eMacs had surfaced to be problematic. Apple provided free service for iMac G5 Rev A and I find no reason for Apple not to provide free service for eMac to maintain their reputation in educational market.
  2. Okay, everything confirmed and everything settled for my new job in Shatin. It is the moment of truth. I have handed in the signation letter. I hope my boss will not be agitated by my unexpectable resignation.

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