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Posted on Feb 13, 2006 by Chung-hong Chan

  1. 本星期六將又要更新Video Podcast,要想想錄些甚麼題材,自錄及剪輯時間表又怎樣等等。最近甚至連MacGrass也少了Update,我不能用忙作為藉口,係因為懶,又或者心情欠佳,做事沒有以前的起勁。我實在有必要pick-up返,好好的反省以及anti-adversary。
  2. This one is handy. I really don't expect that I will report the new measure in GMail. Shit.
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  3. This is the first time for me to publish a paper with a Creative Commons license. It is so Web 2.0. Well, I am on e of the copyright holder of that paper (instead of tranferred to the journal, the usual practise) and you can copy it in verbatim for whatever purpose.

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