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Posted on Jan 25, 2006 by Chung-hong Chan

  1. I finally switched to another mobile service last night. It is pathetic. To anybody, don't call me in this few days. I cannot answer any of them.
  2. I suspected I have been a neuropath due to the random crashing of my office eMac. I can't update MacGrass because of that. When I go for uploading image or click publish, eMac faulted. Combined with heavy workload (my work should be published on tommorrow newspaper), sleepiness and caffeine dependency, I think I can only update MacGrass at home, with very limited frequency. Not to mention my work. It is too much and somehow pathetic.
  3. I am neither an actor, a presenter nor something to do with media. It can't be an excuse for being stoned-alike and artificial in the latest episode of MG podcast. Peer-reviewing is a good process for quality improvement.
  4. I am still waiting for the forecoming lunar new year can bring me some direction for my failing future.
  5. 我不是英超的Fans。今早看西鐵有線的英超消息知道曼聯的史高斯傷眼,突想起有一期我有追看英超,就是碧咸、利維尼兄弟等等剛剛從曼聯學校畢業、恩斯和傑斯的當紅年期;同時車路士(當時仍然譯作修爾斯)有古列治;熱刺有奇連士文,而阿仙爐有柏金。粒粒星。另外,當時香港無人賭波,紐卡素不是叫做「找卡數」。

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