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Posted on Jan 23, 2006 by Chung-hong Chan

  1. NDS竟然斷貨。市面上見到有地方賣四位數(!),無Game送(!!)。真係早買早著。
  2. 劍拔弩張當中。要求停戰。
  3. The eMac in my office is still in a pseudo-healthy state. I still have no guts to report to my boss that my eMac got some problems. The eMac is just past the warranty covered by AppleCare and we have no funding to extend the AppleCare. It is just one and a half year old. I only have one way to go: Initialise the HD to see if the eMac okay. If it is not okay, the eMAc should have problem in hardware and I need to report to my boss. Then, I may be fucked death. My position is now very shaky and make me feel very bad. I am still day-dreaming my boss say: "It is okay. If repair is not an option, go for a Mac mini. " Just a fucking dream.
  4. I am now planning another "???-casting" with MacGrass TV. Photocasting? No! We will not go for this at the moment, partially because it is so predictable. It is something very new and possibly you haven't seen before. I checked Wikipedia and not a single entry about this kind of ???-casting. Stay tune!

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