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Learn to love a Trackball

Posted on Jan 20, 2006 by Chung-hong Chan

As I learn from somebody else (Gabe incl.), an optical trackball should be a better pointing device than computer mouse. You know, increasing productivity is a good excuse to buy some useless gizmo, and thus I bought myself a trackball called Marble mouse produced by Logitech.
To be honest, I still can't work with it in some serious duties, e.g. Video editing in Final Cut Express. I find myself still not very comfortable with the tracking and I can't point the target, especially those small targets on the GUI component of Final Cut Express, in a quick and accurate manner. However, for websurfing, I feel my trackball gave me a very comfortable and enjoyable experience.
I think I need to practise more to overcome 1x years of experience of using mouse and learn to love a trackball.

Editing of video podcast is completed, I think I can update it on time this week. My powerful and trusty, albiet a little bit slow, eMac is still exporting the H.264 video file for you guys persual in this chilly weekend.

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