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Posted on Nov 25, 2005 by Chung-hong Chan

I got my damn flu shot today. I am now counting my day, as per the suggestion on the web and on the paper. You know what, all damn thing will happen on me, a.k.a king of bad luck. Whatever bad outcomes from buying a electronic appliances (e.g. breakdown, explosion, exchange etc), I encountered them. I think I am the perfect candidate for the 1/1m chance of complications of flu vaccination. If I got either meningoencephalitis or Guillain-Barré Syndrome within 1 month of the flu shot, damn me and I deserve it. And possibly, I saved you.

A little anecdote for my darling:
I am totally useless in handling turf war or turf-war-related human interactions. According to my Hakuna Matata philosophy, these works will never push you to the goal. Hence, a fucking loads of energy will be wasted and that's why those fuckers will never get promoted even though they had exhausted their energy on turf war. I rather waste, or utilize my energy on something I really love to do, i.e. computing, video gaming, listening to music, drawing non-sense little thing on the palm pilot and maybe singing some nonsense tunes. If I done my jobs right, time will tell and rewards me. If somebody assault me on the ground of the turf war, waste your energy now, fucker! I will never get hurt. If you want to play some real hardcore game on me and demise me, report to my supervisor! Not me! And fuck off! Talk is cheap, I always believe in black and white. Demise me, right? Show me the damn hard bloody shit proof! I can give you tones of documentation to show that I have done my part.
I borrowed the last 4 lines from my boss.

The repaired PowerMac Dualcore G5 2G is now reincarnated, and it runs blazingly fast too. (e.g. I get an 10 seconds iMovie transition, instantly after click.) PowerMate is a great powerful and somehow useless little gadget. I want to get one myself.

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