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GIMP experiment: making a google-like text effect

Posted on Jun 2, 2005 by Chung-hong Chan

As nikita correctly pointed out, it is really irrational for a tutorial in a particular wiki to adopt Adobe Photoshop as the tool of choice. She urged to put a open sourced GIMP (GNU Image Manipualtion Program) version of that tutorial on that wiki. I aided her to install x11 on her OS X computer but no luck. I tried myself on my eMac at work with a quansi-aqua version of GIMP called Gimp.app. This is my experiemntal product.


Except the relatively dull emboss effect, relatively unmatched colour, relatively unmatched font and relatively bad craftmanship, it looks 50% alike. As a matter of fact, GIMP natively don't have the miracle layer effects like "Bevel and Emboss" and "Color overlay". I have to do it by Filter Emboss and Lighting Effect in GIMP.
All in all, my product sucks. So I haven't put my walkthough on that wiki.
I am not a photography-pro nor image manipulation pro. If you have any hints to make my product better, pls drop me a line.
P.S. when google is still a research project in Stanford, the logo of google was produced by GIMP.

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