Why we sleep by Matthew Walker

2020 no.28

Why we sleep by Matthew Walker

This book reminds me of the old days when my husband and I were working in sleep science. I wanted to become a polysomnographic technician. Unfortunately, things went south…

Nowadays, sleep deprivation (sleeping not enough) has become a public health epidemic. Sleep has never taken an important role in our education. And we don’t know how bad the situation was when we are sleep-deprived. We confuse how much sleep we had with how much sleep we need.

The author has shown us why sleep is so important and how it affects every aspect of our life. It is more on the science-side, maybe too heavy for the average reader. I have learned a lot from this book. But, it would be best if you took it with a grain of salt. You have to be alert that correlation is not equal to causation. There are a few spots in the book that have this problem.

Overall, this is a fantastic book to read. We need to educate ourselves on this crucial part of our life before our health has been deteriorated. I believe more education on sleep is desperately needed.

Search “Tips for getting a good night’s sleep, NIH Medline Plus, summer 2012” and go to page 20. You can found the most critical information on sleep within a page!!!

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